About Us

UCA Music

Here at Universal Children's Audio (UCA), we work and play, sing and celebrate the world of children’s music.

Founded in 1987 by David Antony Clark and Radha Sahar, UCA is the first record company in New Zealand dedicated to creating music just for children. For more about our team, visit the Meet Our People page.

Our award-winning music, for children of all ages, is both educational and entertaining. Our educational resources include music for literacy, dance, classroom singing, cultural enrichment, and character education, plus free-download books of teaching / activity notes. We also create delightful albums that connect children to the natural world and the world of imagination, and stories and music to help children rest, relax and sleep.

Under the UCA umbrella are our bright, new phone-friendly websites, Songs 4 Toddlers and, currently under construction, Songs 4 Babies.

ave our CD's and resources delivered to your door anywhere in the world by Marbecks Record Shop Stream our songs for toddlers, babies, preschoolers and older kids on Spotify or download from iTunes and Amazon . We look forward to singing, dancing, and learning with you!