Meet our People

Radha Sahar - Composer and Producer

Radha Sahar is a director of Universal Children's Audio Ltd, founding the company with David Antony Clark in 1987. Her outstanding talent in composing and producing music for children established her as a well-respected leader in her field. Her awards include the World Peace Music Award, Practical Preschool Silver Award (England), two 'Tuis' for New Zealand Children's Album of the Year, the Rainbow Ribbon Award (NZ), and Finalist, ISC (International Songwriting Competition, Children's category).

Radha was musical director for Learning Media's Kiwi Kidsongs series, composer for many other projects funded by the Ministry of Education, Sunshine Books, Pixel House, and Word Detective.

Sahar's adult contemporary albums including Touch, Dreams of Flying (by Astral Jazz), and Joan of Arc, available internationally on the White Cloud label, and The Maiden and A Pace of Grace. Currently she is writing humorous pop/rock songs as Baby Boomer Girl. Visit her Baby Boomer Girl Blog.

Radha is also a visual artist - Radha Sahar Interactive Art. Her solo, interactive exhibition Spirituality in the Public Domain toured several NZ museums and she has two paintings in the NZ parliamentary collection. Her background includes work as a Kindergarten teacher, performer, music tutor, and music therapist. Her voluntary work includes serving on the The NZ Virtues Trust

David Antony Clark - Composer and Engineer

David's background in Radio New Zealand led to his current position as sound engineer, studio manager, and co-director of His work on the album Sacred Tibetan Ceremonies won NZ its first Grammy Award through the Naxos/White Cloud label.

David composes and engineers for many Learning Media recordings funded by the NZ Ministry of Education. One of his children's songs, Never Hitch a Ride with a Martian, is also a successful children's book, published by Learning Media.

David is known in Europe for his adult contemporary music: a genre he calls 'neo-tribal'. Having traveled extensively, he weaves a wealth of overseas experience into a style of world music available internationally on the White Cloud and Tasmantis labels. Visit his website for further information, David Antony Clark.

Aunty Tawai Te Rangi - Te Reo Maori Language Advisor

Kai-arahi, Tamariki Aorangi

"Ko Tawai Hauraki-Te Rangi toku ingoa I whanau ahau ki Ruatoria. Ko Ue-pohatu, whanau-a-Umu ariki, oku hapu o Ngati-Porou. Kei Porirua toku kainga noho. He Kai-awhina ahau o te Reo Maori mo Tamariki Aorangi. Ko taku noa; kia tika te whakatakoto, kia tika te whakahua o te taonga nei o te Reo Maori. Kia pümau te Wairua I roto I ngä mahi katoa."

Tawai Te Rangi has guided our Maori language productions. Respecting her status as an elder, we call her 'Aunty'. She is a native speaker of her beloved Maori language. Her dream is to see Maori culture, spirituality and language spread and blossom, nurturing the country's children in the ways of the ancestors. She chose UCAmusic as her vehicle for this vision. Feel free to contact UCA about any of our current Maori or bilingual resources or with your ideas for new resources in Te Reo Maori.

The Marbecks Team

Roger Marbeck is manager of Marbecks Records, a family owned business established 75 years ago. Marbecks is an iconic New Zealand's specialist music store. After spending 30 years in Marbecks, Roger brought the Ode Records label. Ode has become one of the leading independent record companies in New Zealand and distributes a huge range of music - children's, classical, world, pop, jazz... you name it. Roger says "I'm thrilled to work with Radha, David & UCA, as it is such a fabulous range of children's music, and fun - every child in the country should have the opportunity to be exposed to it".

Sandra Hopping
Sandra, at Marbecks, is the wonderful person who receives your orders and sends them out. She is an avid music lover, and has worked in the music industry for many years. Sandra is a whizz at keeping track of what is happening with the many orders that come into Marbecks each day. She lives in Auckland and also enjoys being a mother.