The Virtues Project Educator's Guide

The Virtues Project Educator's Guide
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Only available in New Zealand.

by Linda Kavelin Popov

Age: Adult
A4 Handbook, 246 pages

The first half covers Virtues Project strategies in detail. The second half gives descriptions and teaching ideas on 52 virtues. Included is a school-wide restorative justice programme, a Virtue of the Week programme, tips for transforming bullying behaviour, and much more.

This handbook includes hundreds of activities and anecdotes from schools around the world that are successfully implementing the Virtues Project. Sections may be photocopied for teaching purposes

The book features:

  • How to establish a restorative justice programme, school-wide.
  • 52 values including integrity, cooperation, diligence, excellence, understanding and unity.
  • How to have a 'Virtue of the Week' programme.
  • 10 guidelines for establishing effective ground rules.
  • Teaching kids to lift each other up instead of put each other down.
  • One-minute counselling strategies that work.
  • Virtues games and art activities.
  • How to create a vision statement for your school, club or classroom.
  • Tips for transforming bullying behaviour.
  • Character education activities for all ages.

Catalogue No: VPEG