Virtues in Me

Virtues in Me

by Radha & the Kiwi Kids
Age: 3-7 years
Track list and audio samples  below

Commended: World Peace Music Award

You may be familiar with some of these melodies, but wait for the delightful new twist! These contemporary songs and musical games help children in an active, fun way live by their deepest values.

A most appealing feature of this CD is the children's singing. These delightful songs are largely sung by children, for children. The tracks can be used in several ways - as sing-al-ongs, musical games, or listening fun. The music games fall into six categories:

  • circle games
  • activity games
  • action songs
  • gesture sing-a-longs
  • puppet or soft toy games
  • instrument play-along songs

The Virtues in Me book contains song lyrics and instructions on how to play the games. It may be purchased separately.

Virtues in Me is an official companion to The Virtues Project Educators Guide by Canadian author, Linda Kavelin Popov.

Catalogue No: UCA37-2

 Friendly Feet
 Three Kind Mice

Catalogue No: UCA37-2

CD Track Titles

  1. Virtues in Me
  2. Hello Friends!
  3. Friendly Feet
  4. Gentle Old McDonald
  5. Pass it Round the Circle
  6. Three Kind Mice
  7. Excellent Fish!
  8. So Orderly This Morning
  9. Task or Message
  10. Old King Cole Was a Tolerant Soul
  11. Two Little Love Hearts
  12. Love in My Pocket
  13. Courage is My Motto
  14. Brave Willie Winkie
  15. Generous Black Sheep
  16. If You're Healthy & You Know It
  17. Helpful Humpty
  18. Helping You is Helping Me
  19. Measure My Patience
  20. The Patience Song
  21. Listen!

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