Children of One Earth

Children of One Earth

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by Radha & the Kiwi Kids
Age: Family listening
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Winner: World Peace Music Award at the World Judiciary Summit.

Singing the universal language of the heart, our children celebrate the joy of being a global family. Children of One Earth inspires kids to live the dream. Uplifting listening in any situation, and a great resource for peace education.

Relax and sing along with these easy-listening songs to find out that peace, tolerance, truth and caring . . . is who we are!

Catalogue No: UCA67-2

CD Track Titles

  1. Children Like You
  2. One Big Family
  3. Even If
  4. We Call It Love
  5. Caring Chain
  6. Sharing
  7. 21st Century
  8. Truth Is
  9. Happiness
  10. Heart Full Of Love
  11. Great Universe
  12. Sing The World Around
  13. Caring More
  14. All Things

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