Tama's Flute - Stories for Children in English & Maori

Tama's Flute - Stories for Children in English & Maori

by Tawai Te Rangi & Davina Whitehouse
Age: 5-10 years

Track list and audio samples below

Tama's Flute ... venturing through the forest, the birds love the sound of young Tama's putorino. but other creatures want the flute too ...

Tears of the Albatross ... two children dare to release a pair of albatrosses from captivity. Magic is in the air as the children save the day. Songs accompany these stories, beautifully told in English by esteemed
actress, the late Davina Whitehouse, and in Te Reo Maori by Tawai

Tawai Te Rangi wrote these stories and song lyrics in Te Reo to pass on
treasured knowledge to the young. The English versions of the translated
stories were written by Radha Sahar who also composed the music for the

Catalogue No: UCA 118-2

 Tama's Putorino
 Respect (song)

Catalogue No: UCA 118-2

CD Track Titles

1. Tama's Flute - story
2. Respect - song
3. Tears of the Albatross - story
4. Mea He Toroa - song
5. Te Putorino A Tama - story
6. Waihunga Hanga Tanga - waiata
7. Nga roinmata Toroa - story
8. Whakaute - waiata

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