Dance Like a Rainbow

Dance Like a Rainbow

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by Bright Stars
Age: 3-7 years
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Dance Like a Rainbow invites your child into the magical world of dance. A wide variety of musical styles includes exciting new pieces composed especially to stimulate your child's creative and rhythmic expression.

Ideas suggested by our Bright Stars dancers will fire the imagination and get your child moving. Develop fundamental movement skills with this dynamic new program!

Catalogue No: UCA80-2

CD Track Titles

  1. Bright Stars Theme
  2. Walking Shoes
  3. Hip Hop Rainbow
  4. Dance Like a Rainbow
  5. Dance Trance Drums
  6. Wild Jungle
  7. Dogs & Dinosaurs
  8. Forest Fairies
  9. Dance of the Sugar Plumb Fairy
  10. Korero - Sway Your Hips
  11. Rainbow Fish
  12. Swing the Poi
  13. What Action Will I Do
  14. Floating Stars
  15. Swirling Colours
  16. Te Aniwaniwa
  17. Rainbow Goodbyes
  18. Bright Stars Song

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