Fit Kids - World Music for Workout & Dance

Fit Kids - World Music for Workout & Dance

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by Fit Kids
Age: 5-12 years
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Stimulating, imaginative, instrumental music for workout & dance.

This MP3 download-only album will get young people moving & grooving. Features up-beat, contemporary instrumental World Music tracks that cross cultures and continents.

CD Track Titles

  1. Africa Calling  (Africa)
  2. The Moa Hunters  (New Zealand)
  3. Mari's Wedding  (Scotland)
  4. Baroque'n Droid  (Outer Space)
  5. Crocodile Country  (Australia)
  6. Cook Island Rhythms  (Pacific)
  7. Frog Dancing  (Australia)
  8. Garden of Visions  (New Zealand)
  9. Irish Music  (Ireland)
  10. Paint Myself in Woad  (World)

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