Tots - Preschool Music Class

Tots - Preschool Music Class

by Radha
Age: 2-3 years
Track list and audio samples below

Winner: Rainbow Ribbon Award for Peaceful Play.

Radha guides you through a variety of songs and musical activities. An interactive music education experience.

Tots is a major success in early childhood centres throughout New Zealand. Tried and true content - every track is developmentally spot-on.

This album is one in a series of four: Dots, Jigglers, Tots, and Growin' Ups. As children progress through each album, they gather basic musical skills appropriate to their age. Should parents not wish to join in these simple songs and activities, children can follow the entire session themselves.

Catalogue No: UCA72-2

 Slow Fast Music
 All Join In the Fun

Catalogue No: UCA72-2

CD Track Titles

  1. Hello Kia Ora
  2. Humpty Dumpty
  3. Fast Music
  4. Rum Tum Tum
  5. All Join in the Fun
  6. Ring a Rosy
  7. Mulberry Bush
  8. Dance Chant
  9. Great Universe
  10. Row Row
  11. Grandpa's Farewell
  12. Learn Your Colours
  13. Seed to Flower
  14. Little Flower
  15. See a Lassie
  16. Goodbye we Love You

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