Songs for Literacy CD 3 - download version

Songs for Literacy CD 3 - download version

by Radha
for age 3-6 years

Full track list below

The albums in this series scaffold the development of language, listening, and phonological awareness skills in a careful sequence.

This album provides practice in producing and manipulating voice sounds by developing:

  • Awareness of voice sounds and what it feels like to produce them
  • Oral blending skills
  • Oral segmenting skills

Singing the Sounds of English, CD4, also fits with the skills that are the focus of this album. Each sound of English has a song on CD4 that provides practice with pronunciation and recognition of the sound.

Great as a classroom resource or home use.

Catalogue No: UCA87-D

CD Track Titles

    Voice Sounds

  1. Puffed Out
  2. What Does the Cow Say
  3. Jungle Mania
  4. Hello Friends
  5. The Sticky Song
  6. Wash Our Hands
  7. Painting

  8. Blending and Segmenting

  9. Guess What Words - Two Sounds
  10. Guess What Words - Three Sounds
  11. Taking Words Apart - Two Sounds
  12. Taking Words Apart - Three Sounds
  13. Jo the Robot
  14. Six Pretty Pets

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