Word Detective: Singing the Sounds of English Book & CD

Word Detective: Singing the Sounds of English Book & CD

Book: Joy Allcock
Music: Radha

for age 4-7 years

Full track list below

Singing the Sounds of English - Book & CD

The resources in this series scaffold the development of language, listening, and phonological awareness skills in a careful sequence. The book is sensitive to the Word Detective Talking Pen, which children delight in placing on the print-cues: this triggers the songs to play. This music helps children recognise 45 sounds and sound clusters that they will be learning to read and write.

Through learning to sing these catchy songs, children will tune into the sounds of English and will learn to recognise them in words. The songs also build awareness of rhyme, rhythm and alliteration. They are grouped according to the way in which they are pronounced, as consonant or vowel sounds, short and long.

Great as a classroom resource or home use. The album, without the book, may also be purchased online as MP3 Downloads via the links above.

Song Lyrics

Teachers requiring A4-size song lyric sheets for classroom use may download this PDF file ...

Catalogue No: UCA84-2

 Short Vowel Sounds
 Long Vowel Sounds

Catalogue No: UCA84-2

CD Track Titles

    Short & Long Vowel Sounds

  1. Singing Short Vowel Sounds
  2. Singing Long Vowel Sounds

  3. Sound Hunt Singing Games
    Consonant Sounds

  4. Singing P, T, K Sounds
  5. Singing D, B, G Sounds
  6. Singing Ch, J Sounds
  7. Singing Y, W Sounds
  8. Singing Qu, X Sounds
  9. Singing Th, S, Sh Sounds
  10. Singing F, H Sounds
  11. Singing V, Z, Th Sounds
  12. Singing the Zh Sound
  13. Singing M, N, Ng Sounds
  14. Singing L, R Sounds

  15. More Vowel Sounds

  16. Singing Er, Or, Ar Sounds
  17. Singing Ear, Air Sounds
  18. Singing Oy, Ow Sounds
  19. Well Done!

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