Rest Time - Whakata

Rest Time - Whakata

by Nature's Lullaby
Age: All ages
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Soothing instrumental lullabies and restful songs are woven together with New Zealand native birdsong. This is one of UCA's best-selling albums.

Listeners enjoy the natural sounds and acoustic instruments. Graham Wardrop's beautiful guitar together with dulcimer and bells, creates a peaceful mood for quiet activities.

Rest Time features continuous sound: no pauses or gaps. This makes it popular at nap-time in day care centres and back home at bedtime. The continuous flow of sound, sustaining a deeply relaxing mood, links children to the natural world.

The Award Winning UCA series selection of Children's Audio books are stylishly designed and of the highest quality, put together specifically for the New Zealand market. Albums are created with a thorough understanding of child development. At the recording stage, guided by expert producers, all tracks are performed by professional singers and musicians. The albums also feature some of the country's most talented child singers.

Catalogue No: UCA36-2

CD Track Titles

1. Dawn Chorus & Brahms' Lullaby
2. Tui
3. Lavender's Blue
4. Takahe
5. Hush Little Baby
6. Weka
7. Skye Boat Song
8. Kea
9. Golden Slumbers
10. Dawn Chorus
11. Morepork
12. Twinkle Little Star ~ Lambs
13. Lapping Waves
14. Au Claire de la Lune
15. Lapping Waves
16. My Bonnie
17. Tui
18. Rock-a-Bye Baby
19. Bellbird
20. All the Pretty Little Horses
21. Nature Walk

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