Family-friendly Sing Along

Family-friendly Sing Along

by The Starbugs
Age: Family listening
Full track list below

Bring the family together! Sing along at home or in the car
with these favourites. Each song is followed by its karaoke instrumental backing track to make learning easy.

Catalogue No: UCA117-D

CD Track Titles

1. Octopus's Garden
2. Octopus's Garden (Karaoke)
3. Man Gave Names to the Animals
4. Man Gave Names to the Animals (Karaoke)
5. One big Family
6. One Big Family (Karaoke)
7. With a Little Help from my Friends
8. With a Little Help ... (Karaoke)
9. Mr Tambourine Man
10. Mr Tambourine Man(Karaoke)
11. Two Legged Mice
12. Two Legged Mice (Karaoke)
13. All You Need is Love
14. All You Need is Love (Karaoke)
15. Hey Crocodile!
16. Hey Crocodile (Karaoke)
17. Yellow Submarine
18. Yellow Submarine (Karaoke)
19. Got to Learn to Dance
20. Got to Learn to Dance (Karaoke)
21. Can't Buy Me Love
22. Can't Buy Me Love (Karaoke)
23. Hello Goodbye
24. Hello Goodbye (Karaoke)
25. Irish Music
26. Irish Music (Karaoke)
27. Obla Di Obla Da
28. Obla Di Obla Da (Karaoke)
29. 21st Century
30. 21st Century (Karaoke)
31. Birthday
32. Birthday (Karaoke)
33. Happy Birthday Far away
34. Happy Birthday Far Away (Karaoke)
35. Blowin' in the Wind
36. Blowin in the Wind (Karaoke)
37. Forever Young
38. Forever Young (Karaoke)
39. Goodnight
40. Goodnight (Karaoke)

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