Kids Sing the 60's

Kids Sing the 60's

by The Starbugs
Age: Family listening
Full track list below

20 popular classics from the Beatles and Bob Dylan. The whole family will sing along!


Catalogue No: UCA111-D

CD Track Titles

1. Yellow Submarine
2. Blowin' in the Wind
3. Octopus's Garden
4. I Shall Be Released
5. With a Little Help from my Friends
6. Obla Di Obla Da
7. All You Need is Love
8. The Mighty Quin
9. Birthday
10. Man Gave Names to the Animals
11. Do You Wanna Know a Secret
12. Mr Tambourine Man
13. Help
14. The Times They are a Changing
15. Can't Buy Me Love
16. Knocking on Heaven's Door
17. Mr Postman
18. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
19. Forever Young
20. Goodnight

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