Sing Along with Teddy

Sing Along with Teddy

by Radha & the Kiwi Kids
Age: 2-5 years
Track list and audio samples below

Join Teddy and friends singing classic favourites and delightful new teddy bear songs. Young children will love the simple, clear backing, and The Kiwi Kids' singing offers an excellent role model for youngsters. Also pleasant listening for adults.

Everyone will enjoy singing along with familiar songs such as Down by the Station and Old MacDonald. New teddy songs such as Teddy Train and My Teddy are beautifully written, well performed, and create a happy mood.

Catalogue No: UCA62-2

 Sing Along with Teddy
 Six Little Ducks

Catalogue No: UCA62-2

CD Track Titles

  1. Sing Along with Teddy
  2. Six Little Ducks
  3. Down by the Station
  4. Teddy Train
  5. Old McDonald
  6. This Old Man
  7. My Teddy
  8. Little Peter Rabbit
  9. Arrabella Miller
  10. A Froggy went Walking
  11. Froggy Woggy
  12. Teddy, Rabbit & Froggy
  13. Teddy's Song (lullaby)

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