Ten Great Kiwi Kidsongs

Ten Great Kiwi Kidsongs

by The Starbugs
Age: 5-10 years
Track list and audio samples below

These popular songs are sung in classrooms across New Zealand.
Kids - at last you can sing them at home with your family!

Karaoke backing tracks are included for all the songs which until now have only been available to schools via Learning Media's Kiwi Kidsongs series. Enjoy this fun collection, especially re-recorded for a new generation.

Sophisticated songs for happening kids!

Catalogue No: UCA58-2

 Hey Crocodile!
 The Library Song

Catalogue No: UCA58-2

CD Track Titles

  1. Hey Crocodile
  2. I've Got the Greens
  3. Library Song
  4. Down to the Country
  5. Yesterday Tomorrow
  6. Lazy Day
  7. Just Love
  8. Two Legged Mice
  9. Copy Cat Rap
  10. Kiwi Kids

Tracks 11-20 Instrumental vesions of above.

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