The Wonderful World of Old MacDonald

The Wonderful World of Old MacDonald

by Radha
Age: Family
Track list and audio samples below

A breath of fresh air on the farm!

Old MacDonald has a colourful life in these witty new songs. Creatures great and small, including humans of all ages, can't help but sing along.

Old MacDonald is the ultimate family sing-along song and, of course, the traditional version is included here too

Join in with the 'E I E I Os' - even while the lyrics head-off on humorous new adventures. Laugh, sing, enjoy!

Catalogue No: UCA119

 Old MacDonald Dance DJ
 Old MacDonald Learns to Read

Catalogue No: UCA119

  1. Old MacDonald Dance DJ
  2. Old MacDonald Lost the Plot
  3. Old MacDonald's Dinosaurs
  4. Old MacDonald Had a Little Lamb
  5. Old MacDonald Learns to Read
  6. Old MacDonald's Big Mistake
  7. Young MacDonald Had a Zoo
  8. Old MacDonald Plays in a Band
  9. Old MacDonald Had a Farm
  10. Old MacDonald Master Chef
  11. Old MacDonald Goes to Camp
  12. Old MacDonald's Lullaby

Catalogue No: UCA119

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