Big Kids - Songs to Inspire Creative Play

Big Kids - Songs to Inspire Creative Play

by Radha (Formally titled Ruff 'n Tumble)
Age: 2-6 years
Full track list below

No more, "Mummy, I'm bored!" These delightful songs will stimulate the imagination, inspire children to paint, draw, make things - and sing along. Provide paper and coloured felt pens, or a pot of glue and a few collage materials, pop the music on in the background and, YEY! - quality living!

Research shows that children fully engaged in constructive, multi-sensory activities have a 'learning edge'. With a strong imagination a child is more able to think creatively, to solve problems and to forge their own independent success in the world. With hands and eyes busy, and the smell of paint and paper wafting through the air, music completes and heightens your children's multi-sensory learning experience. A great album to play in the car too!

Catalogue No: UCA09-D

CD Track Titles

  1. Painting
  2. Fuss on the Bus
  3. Play Forever
  4. Froggy Woggy
  5. Where is my Thumb?
  6. Spinning Around
  7. Grandma's Glasses
  8. Little Kids
  9. Agitator Twist
  10. Clip Clap
  11. Milly Molly Mantis
  12. Birthday
  13. Gim'me Five
  14. The Thing
  15. Puddy Wooda
  16. Cuddles

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