Purchasing & Payment Options

What is the easiest way to purchase? It depends on your needs. There are two main ways to purchase via this site ...

Purchase While Browsing

Most often you'll be browsing and purchasing in a relaxed manner from pages that detail all information on the particular products you come across. Just click the 'Add to Basket' button for each item you want. If you want more than one, enter the number you want.

Speedy Purchase

If you're familiar with our products and know exactly what you want, you can choose to purchase via the 'Choose by Title' page: scroll down the alphabetical list of CDs, clicking into each title you want, adding to your cart, then clicking the 'back' arrow to return to the list. You can also access the list from the 'Children's Music Shop' page.

This option is available for CDs only. Books, cards and other print media, or MP3 Downloads, need to be purchased via browsing.