What if we want to sing UCA songs in our group or school?

Here in New Zealand, you do not need permission to sing others’ songs in a religious service, or to perform your own music. We give permission for schools and service organisation to freely use our music, and photocopied sheets from our free download books, in school productions, concerts and legitimate fund-raising events.

Public performance of others' music either requires permission or is accounted for by the venue in which it is performed.

If you wish to hand out photocopies of copyrighted material to the public, you need permission from the copyright holders.

Should you be broadcasting recordings, fees may also be due. We are happy or you to play our music over a PA system at a concert or event.

When collating a songbook, copyright must be considered. It is proper to include basic information about the source of the music: the writer, or ‘traditional’ or ‘source unknown'. Do make thorough efforts to find out first!