When is it OK to copy?

We give permission for you to make x1 copy of any one of our CDs that you have purchased. This allows you to store the original in case the copy gets lost or damaged, in which case, you may replace that with another copy. It is also OK to copy material in the following situations:

  1. For reference purposes - as in libraries. Even for reference purposes it is illegal to copy more that a very small percentage of the content of any given work.
  2. When a recording or book is permanently out of print you’re not likely to be prosecuted for making one copy. It may - or may not be OK! Before you decide, make efforts to track the publisher down, as quite often the book or recording has simply changed publishers - it may be on another label.
  3. When it is your own writing or home recording.
  4. When you have written permission from the author, composer or publisher.
  5. When your organisation legally covers you - eg schools paying site fees.