Can I Correct my Order? Can you make an Exception in my Circumstances?

Special Circumstances' orders can be made only after a customer has personally contacted Sandra at Marbecks, our distributor, Marbecks Records. Special circumstances are usually ...

1. The customer has made a mistake, but the order has gone through.

2. The customer's credit card was unable to be cleared. In this case, Marbecks staff will personally contact you about re-entering your credit card details, (in a re-directed order), which is more secure than sending them by email.

3. The customer wishes to make changes or additions to their order very soon after the order has gone through. It may not be possible to make changes after a few hours, depending on when Marbecks has packaged your parcel. You are welcome to email: - to ask if your order has been processed yet, as there is no set time in which orders are processed (sometimes it can be several days - especially when weekend or holiday time intervenes, or when we are awaiting stock).

4. The customer wishes to purchase an album not listed on our children's website, but produced for the adult-contemporary market via our studio. (Our adult titles are normally purchased via download sites such as iTunes). Marbecks has a huge range of titles - you can also browse and order from their website.

How to make a Special Circumstances Order
If Marbecks staff have suggested you make a special-circumstances order, then click the Make a Special-Circumstances Order Now link at the bottom of this paragraph: it will take you a product-free page so you can enter the checkout without having to place a normal product order. From there you can make special requests, and safely enter credit-card or other details.

Log in, enter your details (or re-enter any changed details), and/or type your requirements in the 'Any Special Requests' box in the checkout. Include your correct credit card details and all should be well. If you are correcting or updating a previous order, the new Order Confirmation email you receive attributes a new number to your special order, since the software thinks it is a new one. Marbecks staff, however, will know to look out for it and to give it the special treatment!

Make a Special Circumstances Order Now

Delivery in New Zealand

Courier: Local orders sent by courier mostly arrive the next day, though the courier company will not guarantee this, only assuring delivery within 3 working days. If you are concerned, email or phone us and we will instigate a tracking enquiry. We will also give you the information you need to track from your end.

Parcel Post: Most customers choose the cheaper, 'parcel post' option. NZ Post guarantees delivery in three working days.

Last Updated: August 07, 2007