Can I order by phone?

Yes. Phone 64 9 630 1177 and ask for Sandra - 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Occasionally you may reach an answer-phone. Please speak slowly and clearly, leaving the following details about your order:
1. Your name.
2. Name of your organisation, should the order not be for you personally.
3. Full street address for delivery.
4. The billing address if it is different from the delivery address.
5.Contact phone number, in case we need to clarify anything. Please include your country and area code if outside of New Zealand.
6.The items you want to purchase.
7. The order number if your organisation has allocated one.
8. Information about how you wish to pay, and any details pertinent to that. WE RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS ON THE ANSWER-PHONE.

Last Updated: Nov 21, 2016