About MP3 Downloading

What Exactly is MP3?

MP3 is the most popular format used to convert audio from a recording to a small, handy computer file that can be played from your computer or portable MP3 player. MP3's can be downloaded from a website via the internet.

The Advantages?

  • Price. In general, downloading is cheaper than buying physical CD's - in some cases, considerably cheaper. Also, there are no freight fees. Prices do vary depending on where in the world you live and from whom you are downloading.
  • Selection. You can buy just the tracks you like instead of a whole album. Or you can buy a whole album, usually at a cheaper price than the tracks would be if you’d purchased them all individually.
  • Playlists. Once you have the tracks in your own computer or MP3 player, you can order them to suit your own taste.
  • The Environment. No manufacturing or freight results in lower environmental impact.

I Have to Choose a Download Site. What Do the Various Sites Offer?

There are hundreds of music download sites on the internet. UCA links directly to:

  • Apple iTunes. This is the best-known site. Once you’ve installed the iTunes proprietary software you can purchase a huge range of music. iTunes is based on the AAC format rather than MP3.
  • Amazon. An increasingly popular MP3 download site. It also has a wide range of music, but it is available only in the United States.
  • Napster: The first and most controversial of the MP3 sites. Now fully legal with an extensive range.

I Only Have Dial-up. Can I Download?

Yes you can, but bring a sleeping bag ...
and lots of warm cocoa ...
and a good book ...
This may take a while!

Further Detail. How Do I Get into Digital Downloading?

For starters, try purchasing a track or two, or an album from the UCA (Worldwide) site – it’s the easiest site to use, so you will gain confidence: simply follow the steps, credit card in hand.

The best-known download site is, of course, iTunes. Using this as an example, you sign-up from their homepage giving your email address. You would then download and install their own proprietary software and follow the instructions.

From the iTunes software you can, among other things, audition millions of songs by searching genre, album, artist, etc. If you wish to purchase a single track or an entire CD or CD’s, you enter your credit card details which you can have securely stored for future purchases. With a good broadband connection, downloading can be remarkably fast and convenient.

Your Input

With downloading, UCA can analyse what people are buying. This means we can tailor our children's music to meet demand. For example, we have noticed that parents in the United States are downloading our Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes CD in droves, so we have developed the sister resource, MotherGoose Action Songs. We also value customer suggestions. For example, one customer wrote that since his grand-daughter was enjoying Kids Sing Beatles so much that we should make a Bob Dylan album for his grandson, Dylan. Thank you Alan here it is!

The Future

Downloading and "Cloud Streaming" is here to stay and it is the future. The advantages are increasingly outweighing the disadvantages for a growing number of people: speed of access, home browsing, lower cost, lower environmental impact. Our albums are available on major streaming sites, such as Spotify. Plus we have our own dedicated children's music steaming site. Access over 800 of our great tracks from My Amazing Music Box

Appreciation of high quality music does not exclude the advantages of mobile listening. One of our UCA producers, for example, has a large collection of classical CD’s which he enjoys playing on his higher-end stereo system. He’s also a keen hiker and recently trekked to the Sherpa capital of Namche Bazaar, Nepal, in a driving snow storm listening, on his MP3 player, to Bach’s B minor Mass. It didn’t make the trudge any easier, but it did lend a vast, expansive baroque setting to the experience. Try doing that with a gramophone, amp, and pair of speakers.

Thanks technology!