Taku Mei Ao - Maori Songs for Children

Taku Mei Ao - Maori Songs for Children

by Nga Pihi
Age: 3-7 years
Track list and audio samples below

Taku Mei Ao – My World, features simple songs in Maori that reflect the child’s world. Celebrate our natural environment, animals, dancing and moving, and everyday activities such as cleaning up.

The songs are all in Maori - a great way for beginners to gain confidence in the language. Taku Mei Ao was created to meet the demand for just the Maori versions of the songs on our bi-lingual albums. Included are fun waiata from the award-winning Animal Songs ~ Waiata Kararehe album, inspiring songs from Nga Pihi 4 (a story album), Korikori, (a tri-lingual album getting kids exercising), and Clean Up Time ~ Te Wa Whakapai. All the songs are ideally paced for learning, and perfect for ages three to seven years.

Song lyrics & translations are in the Free-Download Book (upper right menu). You are welcome to print any number of copies to suit your needs. Teaching notes for each song are also included.

Delightful songs - easy to learn and sing - enjoy!


Catalogue No: UCA91-2

 Mea He Toroa
 Te Rawhi Whakaaturanga

Catalogue No: UCA91-2

CD Track Titles

  1. Mea He Toroa
  2. Waihanga Hanga Tanga
  3. Nga Kaiora Haroto
  4. Te Ngahere
  5. Whakaute
  6. Whakatopa
  7. Nga Kararehe Pamu
  8. Aku Mokai
  9. Te Rawhi Whakaaturanga
  10. Kori Tinana
  11. Kei Raro i te Papa
  12. Hiteki e Pui Harapa
  13. He Aha te Mahi Maku
  14. Korikori
  15. Te Wa Whakapai
  16. Horoia O Ringa
  17. Ka Penei Te Ahua

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