Songs for Literacy CD1 - download version

Songs for Literacy CD1 - download version

by Radha
for age 3-6 years

Full track list below

The albums in this series scaffold the development of language, listening, and phonological awareness skills in a careful sequence.

This album provides practice in general sound discrimination skills. Children learn to listen for and recognise :

  • Sounds in the environment
  • Instrumental Sounds
  • Sounds made by our bodies - body percussion

Great as a classroom resource or for home use.

Catalogue No: UCA85-D

CD Track Titles

    Environmental Sounds

  1. Listen Part 1
  2. Listen Part 2
  3. Big Wide World
  4. Library Song
  5. Baa Baa Black Sheep Action Song

  6. Instrumental Sounds

  7. Old King Cole Was a Tolerant Soul
  8. Brave Willie Winkie
  9. Twinkle Little Motor Car
  10. Copy Me

  11. Body Percussion

  12. All Join In the Fun
  13. Goosey Goosey Gander
  14. Ringa Ringa Little Finger
  15. One Potato
  16. High and Low
  17. Five Senses
  18. My Amazing Body

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