Word Detective Songs for Literacy: 3 CD Set & Book

Word Detective Songs for Literacy: 3 CD Set & Book

Book: Joy Allcock
Music: Radha

for age 3-6 years

  • New, comprehensive, user-friendly literacy resource
  • Fun, effective language-learning through phonics
  • 50 fantastic songs!

You might wonder how songs can teach literacy skills since songs are sung and literacy is about reading and writing. Young children develop language skills through listening to songs, words, and sounds in their environment and linking them to their experiences.

Graded across three CD's, from pre-reading to blending and segmenting level, this resource offers revolutionary multi-sensory learning. The illustrated Songs for Literacy book is sensitive to the stunning new technology of the Word Detective Talking Pen, (though use of the pen is optional). The book contains lyrics and detailed teaching notes for each song.

The albums in this series scaffold the development of language, listening,and phonological awareness skills in a careful sequence.

CD1 provides practise general sound discrimination skills. Children learn to listen for and recognise:

  • Sounds in the environment
  • Instrumental sounds
  • Sounds made by our bodies - body percussion

CD2 provides practise in the recognition of sounds and sound patterns in words. Children learn to listen for and recognise:

  • Rhythm - a precursor to learning to hear syllables in words
  • Rhyme - rhyming songs encourage detection of rhyme, which can be extended to children producing other rhyming words
  • Alliteration - children learn to recognise repeating sounds in words

CD3 provides practise in producing and manipulating voice sounds by developing:

  • Awareness of voice sounds and what it feels like to produce them
  • Oral blending skills
  • Oral segmenting skills

Song Lyrics

Teachers requiring A4-size song lyric sheets for classroom use may download this PDF file ...

 What Sound Is Repeating
 Guess What Words - Two Sounds

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