Birdsong Cafe - the Sound of the New Zealand Rainforest

Birdsong Cafe - the Sound of the New Zealand Rainforest

by David Antony Clark
Family listening
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Teachers & Parents: Connect young people with nature while they learn. This beautiful background environment enhances any activity, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Calming nature sounds only; no music.

Natural and exquisitely crafted sounds create this unique and beautiful landscape. Birds and creatures native to New Zealand are heard in their natural wilderness.

Birds long extinct have been brought back to life thanks to the skilfull use of modern audio technology. The mysterious voices of these ancient creatures enhance this magical landscape where refreshment is yours at Birdsong Café.

Featured creatures: Bellbird, Kokako, Tui, Kereru, Brown Creeper, Stitchbird, Fern Bird, Robin, Kaka, Snipe Rail*, Pied Tit, Saddleback, Snipe Rail*, Adzebill*, Tuatara, Gecko, Weka, Yellow Crowned Parakeet, Orange-fronted Parakeet, Fantail, Cicada, Grey Warbler, Takahe, Long-tailed Cuckoo, Moa*, Brown Kiwi, Little Spotted Kiwi, Ruru, Kakapo, Little Spotted Kiwi.

*Extinct birds ‘brought back to life'

Catalogue No: TM11010

CD Track Titles

1. Chorus at Dawn
2. Kereru Morning
3. Rainforest Canopy
4. Bellbird Brook
5. Tuatara Stream
6. Birdsong Café
7. Sunlit Clearing
8. Birdlandia
9. Kiwi at Dusk
10. Ruru Night Rain

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