Community Endorsements

From the Healthy Communities Action Group, Taupo ...

“We looked at all sorts of helpful programmes. The Virtues Project stands out because it is so simple, it cuts across cultural and religious barriers and has had such positive results world-wide.”

Peter Blanks

From a Mental Health Consultant/Trainer, Tai Tokerau, Northland ...

“I have found The Virtues Project to be the ultimate in empowerment. I’ve been 12-stepped, Life-started, almost Forumed but these programmes don’t begin to compare with what I have experienced working with the Virtues. The Virtues Project brings together a life-time of learning and culminates all into a spiritual framework that is cognitive and that one can put into action. I’m thoroughly impressed (and I don’t impress easily), I have been involved in the Mental Health sector for the past 4 years as a mental health consultant/trainer. Kia Ora. Kia Wairua.”

Tracey-Anne Mathews

From an Australian School Principal ...

‘’We maintain the projects we already have in our school but the virtues project adds the soul’’

Dave is a retired Principal who has worked many years in Aboriginal Schools. He is now an Education Consultant.

From Papua, New Guinea ...

‘’The Virtues Project unlocks the purity of heart from the Papuan New Guinean people.’’

Dorrie Hancock NZ Educator who has worked for 16 years in PNG and is now working on her PhD

From a Music Teacher ...

“This has made me aware of the way I talk with my pupils. They now hear a recognition of both their musical achievements and the personal qualities the use to attain them: such as determination and patience.”

Rosemary Bromley

From a 16 yr old incarcerated gang member ...

“Now that I see my virtues, I’m ready to change my life.”

Parents Comments...

“...the simplest and most effective way of parenting.
It not only brings out the best in your child, it brings out the best in oneself.”

Lauren Richardson, Mother and Kindergarten Teacher, Pukerua Bay

“I am an education lecturer at Massey University, I have done my primary school teacher training, and I have completed extensive parent education at Playcentre, which all three of my (now primary school aged) children attended. And still...
... I found the Virtues Parenting Course a wonderfully refreshing, positive and ultimately useful approach to bringing up our children to be in touch with their own moral conscience and to accept responsibility for their own actions. Furthermore, the Virtues Course has helped me to grow, personally. I can highly recommend this course to parents, teachers and indeed, anyone who has contact with children on a day to day basis.”

Debbie Ayres, Waikanae

“This course has provided the knowledge and skills I needed to let my son blossom into a noticeably well-behaved and happy 2 year old. I look forward to seeing the “teaching” opportunities in our every day life.”

Kathleen JJ Norris

“We could see improvements with Matthew immediately. Learning to set ground rules was really helpful. Definitely worthwhile!”

Rachel Johnston, Otaki

“I have attended several other positive parenting type courses, but none have hit right at the heart of the matter the way The Virtues Guide does. It’s approach is unique, instantly effective and comfortable to learn. I wish it had been taught in schools when I was young and truly hope it will be now’’.

R. Marshall, Whitby