The People

Founders of The Virtues Project

Linda Kavelin-Popov

Linda, writer and international speaker, initially worked as a psychotherapist & organizational development consultant. She has designed suicide & violence prevention programs and trained educators & government leaders around the world. She’s been a guest on the Oprah Show, and co-produced the TV series Virtues: A Family Affair. Linda wrote the core books & materials of The Virtues Project.

Dan Popov, Ph.D.

Dr. Popov, Executive Director of Well Spring International Educational Foundation, has worked as a clinical pediatric psychologist, tutored at several universities and consulted to government & industry. He was a senior scientist consulting on information systems to NASA, and a powerful public international speaker.

John H. Kavelin

John H. Kavelin, designer, co-authored The Family Virtues Guide. His background included work as Director of Design & Production at Tokyo Disneyland. He designed a number of additions to Tokyo DisneySea. John passed away in 2009. His creative contribution to The Virtues Project will be valued for years to come.

The Kavelin-Popovs self-published the original Virtues Guide in their garage, and in less than two months,
by word of mouth alone, it was in more than twenty countries.

Virtues Trust New Zealand

We work together linking hearts & hands across New Zealand. Here are some of our original & current Trust Members including; Margaret Mohamed, Kay Miller, Paddy Payne, Lynne Klapp, Radha Sahar.

Virtues Project International

Our international committee, based in the US, also includes members from across the world; Wade Fransson, (chair), Donna Wheatcroft, (vice chair), Marilyn Thompson, (sec), Joan Roberts, (Treasurer), Valerie Hess, Tim Fournier, Verona Lucas, Kimiko Schwerin, Grace Lim Pineda, Karun Biyani, Betty Doherty, Jim Rembach.